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4 Reasons for Your Child to Show Their Smile

December 4, 2021

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young girl smiling

If your child’s smile is hindered by teeth they feel are subpar, they might be in the habit of hiding them behind their lips or hand. However, flashing their smile not only broadcasts how they’re feeling but also comes with health advantages, including an elevated mood. It can be hard to want to show their pearly whites when they’re crooked, chipped, or discolored, but orthodontic treatment can make these issues a thing of the past. Here are four benefits of smiling after investing in braces according to an orthodontist in Auburn.


The Rise of Lip & Tongue Tie Treatments in Infants

November 10, 2021

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mom learning about tongue tie issues in Auburn with baby at dentist

No matter how many parenting books you read, you will inevitably run into a part of parenthood that leaves you stumped. For example, your child might have trouble latching on during breastfeeding due to a lip or tongue tie. Treatment for these issues has spiked in recent years, which has caused many parents to wonder if the condition is more prevalent now than it used to be. Read on to learn whether lip and tongue ties are core common than they once were and what to do if your child has one.


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: What It Is & How to Prevent It

September 30, 2021

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Baby drinking bottle while lying on bed

When your child’s baby teeth begin to make their first appearance, the idea of them becoming damaged or decayed is far from your mind. However, this can quickly become a reality when unhealthy dental habits are present. Sadly, many parents are unaware of the fact that putting their little one to bed with milk or juice is one of them. Keep reading to learn about the phenomenon known as baby bottle tooth decay and how you can prevent it!


Is Pregnancy Bad for Your Teeth?

August 4, 2021

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Pregnant woman holding her stomachAs soon as you found out you were expecting a little bundle of joy, you made instant changes to your diet, sleep schedule, and lifestyle to ensure your baby has everything it needs to thrive. Unfortunately, you’ll learn many baby books, pamphlets, and even obstetrician appointments fail to mention how important your smile is to your baby. Your waistline isn’t the only area to show the changes that come along with pregnancy. You will also have an increased risk of preventable dental issues that can place your unborn child at risk of complications. Here’s what you need to know about pregnancy oral care to ensure a smooth pregnancy and delivery.


5 Tips for Helping Your Child With Autism Feel Comfortable at the Dentist

July 31, 2021

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Child looking at X-ray in dentist's chair

As a parent, the last thing you want to do is place your child in an environment that makes them feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, these are some of the unpleasant emotions children experience at their dentist’s office. After all, having a stranger poke around their mouth with sharp tools can be quite anxiety-inducing! Fortunately, there are some best practices you can use to make the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Here are some tips to help your child with autism feel comfortable at the dentist.


Why Your Little Athlete Needs to Wear a Mouthguard

June 17, 2021

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Smiling young boy in yellow shirt holding a mouthguard

As a parent, you undoubtedly do your best to help your little one stay healthy and safe. While you love to see them running around, being active, and having fun, you don’t like to think about how easily they could get hurt. Just like you wouldn’t send them out to the court or field without a helmet or kneepads, don’t forget to get your little athlete a custom mouthguard from your dentist! While these appliances may be small, they could make all the difference in keeping your child’s precious smile safe and intact. Read on as we go over what you need to know about children’s athletic mouthguards.


Tooth Fairy Trivia to Delight Your Child When They Lose a Baby Tooth

May 18, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — newengland-kids @ 7:51 pm
Tooth Fairy making a silly face and pointing to model tooth

Does your child have a wiggly baby tooth that’s bound to fall out any day now? It’s a good idea to be prepared with some Tooth Fairy trivia! This friendly mythical sprite can help make losing a tooth less scary and strange for your little one and more magical and fun. Here are seven fun bits of trivia about the Tooth Fairy to delight your child with as their baby teeth are gradually replaced by their permanent pearly whites.


Here’s what to Do If Your Child Develops “Shark Teeth”

April 28, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — newengland-kids @ 4:46 pm
Closeup of child developing shark teeth rows of teeth in kids

As a parent, you already know that despite your best efforts, things don’t always go the way they’re expected to. For example, your child’s highly-anticipated permanent teeth may start to come in before the baby teeth have fallen out! This unusual phenomenon is called “shark teeth” since sharks also grow rows of pearly whites. Two rows of teeth in kids may seem somewhat alarming at first, but they’re usually no cause for alarm. Here’s everything you need to know about shark teeth in children and how to keep your child’s smile on track if they develop them!


Are Your Child’s Sensitive Teeth a Dental Emergency?

March 11, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — newengland-kids @ 11:33 pm
Frowning child with tooth sensitivity holding an ice cream cone

Has your child been complaining about painful sensitivity in their teeth? Are they having a difficult time enjoying foods or drinks that are hot or cold? Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem for both children and adults that can get in the way of day-to-day life. More than that however, sensitive teeth can sometimes be a warning sign of a dental emergency! So how can you tell what kind of care your child needs to restore their smile? Here are some of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity in children and how they need to be treated.


Worried about the Cost of Treatment? Use CareCredit for Braces

February 11, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — newengland-kids @ 3:43 pm
teenager holding a piggy bank for braces

If it seems like raising a child is just get more and more expensive, that’s because it is! On average, it costs just over $233,000 to pay for the needs of a child from birth to adulthood. However, those costs can quickly increase if your child requires extra treatment.

At your child’s dental appointment, the pediatric dentist informs you that your child will probably need braces within the next couple of years. You panic—how are you going to afford this treatment on top of your other expenses? Read on to learn why you should invest in braces, what the process is like, and how CareCredit can help.

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